We are the number one gas lifestyle destination shop in Gauteng. Our "mother-ship" head office and (newly renovated) show rooms are situated in Hennops Park in Centurion.

We are a small team, mindlessly dedicated to the promotion of gas and gas products.

We believe know that gas is the only truly viable, affordable and accessible alternative fuel source, and we do everything in our power to help those around us understand why this is.

Our journey started a long time ago though. We originally popped into existence in a bustling Pretoria town in 1947. Started by Boris and Gershen Berman and originally known as Berman Brothers, we first diversified into the LPG sector in the very early nineteen-sixties when LPG became a accepted and regulated market in South Africa.

We have been significant players in the LPG trade ever since, importing some of the best gas powered equipment internationally available, advising and educating interested parties in the advantages of gas over other alternatives, innovating the market with new products and methods, keeping the marketplace competitive thereby ensuring gas products stay reasonably priced for the consumer and, of course, building our brand reputation through our legendary service levels.

A Little More About Us

We're Independent

Like a 14 year old with no-good friends, we crave independence, and it shows in everything we do. It has been said to us that ours is a dying model, but we choose not to listen.
We offer an authentic retail experience that's pretty special in today's fast mass produced world. We import our own range of house brands which we are custodian over in S.A. We even have our own brand of gas which we very proudly compete against the oil-spill giants with.

We're Old

We've been around since 1947. We are a third generation family owned group. There's a lot of experience here we have to share with anyone that'll lend an ear.
There also aren't too many independent groups like ours anymore and we are very proud to fly that flag.

We Know our Stuff

We really do. All that experience (did I mention we started in 1947?) combined with a vested interest being a family group forces onto you, we can get quite serious about gas. While it means there are always photo's of gas bottles mixed in on family vacations, it also means we have a lot of knowledge to share.

We're Perfectionists

We really struggle to let the little things go, if we could fit our company into a shrink's couch i'm pretty sure we'd be diagnosed outrageously OCD and needing medication. And we obsess about stuff like customer service, competing ethically, sustainable living, exemplary governance and educating others about just how awesome all our products are.


We have a number of groups, companies and organisations that we are closely affiliated with who are pivotal to our daily operations. As an independent retailer our affiliates are vital to our existence and in most cases define our product or service offering.

we delivery anywhere in gauteng