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(any colour, race, sexual indentification, religious preference - we care naught!)
We still deliver EVERYWHERE in Gauteng
We still deliver EVERYDAY in Gauteng
We still deliver SAMEDAY, NEXTDAY or ANYDAY
We still deliver for FREE
We still don't have a MINIMUM ORDER VALUE
We'll deliver your one 9Kg to your complex and hook up your heater for you (and yes, STILL free)
We're STILL CHEAPER than the garage (delivered and optionally hooked up)
WE'VE GOT GAS. Although we're expecting supply will be interesting this winter.
We have capacity to deal with this weird crisis
We've been prepping for dystopia for years already.
We will continue beating the drum.
Reduce your reliance on the state.
Live with liberty.
Oh! ....and be safe!

I know, it's cold and your (cleverer, sexier, wiser and all-round better) other-half told you to get gas last weekend already but you forgot because the local pub is on the way and it was happy hour and the hooters girls were there...

We gots you covered guvna. We can do same day delivery and we can do next day delivery so you can look like a hero and no one needs open that Pandora's box that is "Hooters Girls".

But don't be a putz. The clever play for working with bottled gas is to always have at least one spare. That way when you run empty you change bottles and you order, that'll give enough time for you to make use the of the free delivery option. If you only use gas in the winter and you're worried about keeping hundreds of bottles around - you've got a point. But remember gas bottles are deposit based. You scale up in the winter when you're using and after the winter you give the bottles back and demand your deposit back. Do it - you'll thank me later.

Gas Prices
9Kg Exchange
R 330.00
I'm Knee Height
Order Now
19Kg Exchange
R 700.00
I'm Waist height
Order Now
48Kg Exchange
R 1775.00
I'm Shoulder Height
Order Now
The Gas Company introduces Gas-on-tap
For just 50golden buckeroos p/m, we'll come visit you at your home up to four times a month (that's already more than your ungrateful kids do) and top you up with some fresh gas - like a boss - and you only pay for the topped-up amount. No more running out of gas, no more heavy payments when the bottle does finally run out. Plus you've got us to molotov-cocktail if we drop the ball. We're open 7 days a week, so we can even help with Sunday rage.

We do Convenience

We've made ordering your gas exchange so simple that running out of gas now truly is optional. It's something you do if you don't have the heart to tell yoursignificant other their cooking sucks and you really feel like oily deep fried chicken fromfor supper tonight.

We Exchange Anything

We've been sitting around the negotiation table hammering out some new strategic deals which allow us exchange any brand, colour, size, race, ethnicity, religious preference or sexual orientation of gas bottle, no problem.

Ordering Options

The world's a connected place today, there are fridges connected to the internet to let you know when the milk is finished. There are toasters that can kick off a internet routine of your choice, so you can play The Yellow Rose of Texas when your toast pops-up, on your phone. It's a wonderful revolution we are living through. And we want to be a part of it. One of our values, after all, is to embrace technology wherever it makes sense, and another is to be first and best.

So we have hooked up a host of options using technology to assist with ordering. The whole trick is to get yourselfregisteredthe first time you order from us. Once you are on the system, whatever mechanism you use to order, the inertia will be minimal.

Web (On-line)
Pay our on-lineportala visit, register yourself and order through the on-line app. You pay (credit/debit card or EFT or wallet) on-line during the transaction. We deliver or you can collect as you wish.
Drop us you order details and we'll make your delivery happen. If your email address is already registered on our database we will automatically pick up your details. If we can decipher your requirements from the email payload we will process and send you a quote with a link for on-line payment (credit card or eft). If not we'll contact you just to clear up the ambiguity. Then we'll send you the quote.
Give us acallon+27 0100 206 317and give us your requirements, we'll send you a quote with a link for on-line payment (credit card or eft). If we can pick up your details on our CRM database we'll use that info, it'll be faster than a devil-be-damned-dodgy-duduzani-deal.
SMS us on+27 0621 038 703and give us your requirements, We've got minions trained to worked out WTF you actually want from the cryptic rantings you call an SMS message, if we can get there and we can find your details on our CRM, we will process and send you a quote with a link for on-line payment (credit card or eft). If not we'll contact you and chastise your lack of effort, then find out what you actually want. Then we'll send you the quote.
Mobile App
We've got an app doll, so now you can register yourself, order, pay alles, all on the app.
You can download it from thestoreor thestore.whichever walled garden you're locked into.
Register yourself on thewebsite.
Log in to the app on your mobile, and place your order.
Pay on the app.
Be happy.

The thought of running out of gas in the middle of a shower with a head full of shampoo-lather and a dripping saggy bottom causing you anxiety?

Gas-on-tap means never running out of gas and never having to collect your own gas and no massive monthly bills when that bad boy does eventually run dry

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