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Schedule monthly gas refills and pay only for what you used

GasOnTapp is the latest convenience offering from us, the idea is to make your bottled gas supply as convenient as electricity used to be before the Eskom “troubles”.

Basically, we come to your home (up to 4 times a month, this is agreed up front, but can be changed at any time) weigh your bottles, give you replacements for the bottles and charge you just for the gas you have used.

You will have a wallet with us that covers you for your gas consumption and also for your monthly membership. The wallet can be topped up periodically through our website and (soon) our app. Or we can huf-and-puff and blow your house down for the money, your call.

The service is available anywhere in Gauteng. We’re open seven days a week.

To Summarise

  • We will visit up to four times a month.
  • We give you full replacements for all your cylinders on site.
  • We weigh your existing bottles on site.
  • We calculate what’s missing from each bottle.
  • We remove the existing (used) bottles.
  • We bill you only for the gas that’s been used.
  • We schnack the invoice amount from your wallet and update you with your status.
  • All this is captured on camera so we are ready for any squabbles that may pop up.
  • Rinse and repeat.