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Our promise to you.

You give us the job of making your gas installation worries disappear – and we’ll give you a compliant gas installation without hickups.

Or you get all your money back

We were doing gas installations before Barack Obama was born. We’ve got installations in the field that are older than lady Gaga (Madonna buries us, but c’mon). We’ve done installations for things that would make a Durban GTI conversion blush. We’ve got half a soccer team of qualified gas installers in house, we probably stand more chance of qualifying for Afcon than Bafana. We take customer service seriously serious. A little piece of one of us dies every time we let a customer down – I see to it personally.

Here’s a list of a few of the things that make us special.

  • Same day installations.
  • Anywhere in Gauteng.
  • We know your house is your castle, we get that.
  • We keep it clean, we mess we cleanup. Period.
  • We’ve been at it since 1947. We know the rules, we know the tricks, we know the gotchas.
  • We’re the only guys in the country with 3g telemetry watching your consumption.
  • We’re open seven days a week, we install and we deliver every day.
  • We do the installation and the gas and the appliances and the building and the granite and the electrical. You work with one company and there’s no finger pointing ‘cos we get it right first time.
  • Over 5000 home installations under the belt.
  • When the installation is done we are only starting our relationship, we do servicing, repairs, maintenance and we supply the gas.
  • We hold your hand through this journey, we’ll be friends by the time we’re done.
  • We communicate and follow up throughout the process.
  • We don’t live in our bakkies, we have brick and morter shops that you can toss maltov cocktails at if we let you down.
  • We can schedule or reschedule or cancel super quickly and painlessly, and we won’t charge you for cancelling last minute.
  • We send a different installer to inspect and issue the CoC so that we get independent checks on the quality of the installation.

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Awesome customer service. Installation was quick clean and efficient.


Thanks for getting the COC done same day so as not to hold up registration process. You guys are lifesavers.


Hi MJ, I’ve never come across a company whose communications are so thoroughly entertaining and informative! How refreshing and delightful. Thank you for your great advice and efficient service! Please pass my compliments on to the relevant persons.


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