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Gas on Tapp Monthly Subscription Service


Contract Includes

Gas-on-tap is the latest convenience offering from us, the idea is to make your bottled gas supply as convenient as electricity used to be before the Eskom “troubles”.

Basically, we come to your home (up to 4 times a month, this is agreed up front, but can be changed at any time) weigh your bottles, give you replacements for the bottles and charge you just for the gas you have used.

You will have a wallet with us that covers you for your gas consumption and also for your monthly membership. The wallet can be topped up periodically through our website and (soon) our app. Or we can huf-and-puff and blow your house down for the money, your call.

The service is available anywhere in Gauteng

To Summarise

  • We will visit up to 4 times a month
    • We give you full replacements for all your cylinders on site
    • We weigh your existing bottles on site
    • We calculate what’s missing from each bottle
    • We remove the existing (used) bottles
    • We bill you only for the gas that’s been used
    • We schnack the invoice amount from your wallet and update you with your status
    • All this is captured on camera so we are ready for any squabbles that may pop up
  • Rinse and repeat
How long will I wait?2023-03-05T16:37:55+00:00

From start to got my appliance.

After we’ve gotten all the paperwork and bureaucracy out the way, usually around 3 sleeps.

What about if I move?2023-03-05T16:54:04+00:00

What happens if the contract is still going and I want to move?

You can cancel the contract at any time, so if you’re moving and you don’t want to extend, you just cancel and so long as you are up to date, we come collect our stuff, we wish each other all the best and we go our separate ways.

If you want to move with your contract, there’ll be a small amount added to your contract to cover the new installation and we move the existing setup to your new premises.

You can also smear your old contract off on the new tenant, and open a new contract for your new spot.

What is included?2023-03-05T16:53:59+00:00

In a word – Alles. Every rent-to-own contract will include:

  • Appliance(s)
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Gas installation C.O.C
  • Any cutting of cupboards
  • Any granite cutting
  • Your gas supply (includes delivery)

The only piece missing is maintenance, which is a highly recommended add-on.

Please bear in mind that cutting kitchen cabinets in-situ is a mugs game. It required nasty things like jigsaws and sanders. We finish off all cut surfaces with beading, but the non beaded surface will have chips and scuff marks. If you want pristine carpentry, you wanna get a carpenter in.

Can I really cancel at any time?2023-03-05T16:53:40+00:00

You can cancel upgrade or downgrade the contract anytime you want (so long as all dues are paid up). But you won’t wanna because awesome. There is a R 1,500.00 cancellation fee added if you cancel in the first 6 months (to recover some of the costs of the installation that are lost).

How big must the cupboard be?2023-03-05T16:53:34+00:00

If it’s an internal installation, you might want to know what the size of the cupboard must be.

Big enough to fit the bottle 🙂! Standard cupboards are plenty big enough.

Can I use any cupboard?2023-03-05T16:53:26+00:00

Yep, any cupboard is ok for installation, but not directly under the stove and also the cupboard must be dedicated to the bottle, you can’t store other things in there with the bottle. It’s solitary for the bottle, ‘cos that’s the way it is.

I’m a little scared…2023-03-05T16:53:20+00:00

Is it really safe to have the bottle so close to the stove?

100%. Heat rises, gas is heavier than air and sinks if it leaks. Also, gas stinks like a gupta-coal-deal. If there’s a leak your dog’s not gonna claim this one.

My surface is granite!2023-03-05T16:53:15+00:00

No worries, we’ll impose our will on it.

Granite really isn’t that scary a thing, it’s really just polished rock, we’ll cut it if need be.

My insurance wants a C.O.C.2023-03-06T06:43:01+00:00

We issue a C.O.C for my insurance.

Giving insurance companies an out is something that will prevent your entry through the pearly gates. We take that stuff seriously. We’ll give you a copy of everything you need to prove legal installation. We’ll also keep a copy ‘cos we know how bad your filing is.

I want multiple appliances.2023-03-06T06:42:52+00:00

Tired of Eskom, and now you want a want a hob, oven and geyser.

Yep, we get that a lot. We’ve got your back cuzzie, talk to one of our super keen, ruggedly handsome sales peeps and we’ll give you the low-down. We will hook up all your appliances to a single installation and then work out your expected gas usage, then we’ll recommend the best contract for you.

I want a bigger bottle.2023-03-06T06:42:39+00:00

In my last house I had the hinderburg.

Soz, you’re stuck with the size we’ve prescribed for the type of appliance you are using. We will happily increase the frequency of replacements, but we can’t upgrade the bottle size.

Where’s my gas cage?2023-03-06T06:42:23+00:00

I expected a cage around my bottles.

A gas installation doesn’t require a cage. It just requires that the bottles are protected from falling over (so kept sober). Gas cages are fugly! The regulations insist that they are over 80% ventilated which means you end up with a fishing net, there is no way to make ’em pretty. If you really want one ‘cos your kid is a tyrant (gas cage may not be the problem here) or ‘cos your neighbours keep stealing your bottles, no worries, we can add it to your contract and hook you up. Your home, your warts.

Just tell us about it beforehand.


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