The charcoal versus gas braais debate is almost as old as fire, and we at The GAS Company strongly support anyone's right to pick whichever choice best suits their lifestyle (although it is hard to understand under what conditions braaing on charcoal could ever pip braaing on gas. Wood still has old school charm and smokey flavours, but charcoal??)

We are seeing a trend in modern times away from the classic patio braai on wheels to a built-in-outdoor-kitchen setup, and the options are abundant. While Stainless steel is still the obvious choice for it's elegance and durability, sometimes a flash of colour or change in texture can also create a memorable finish.

Included in this outdoor-kitchen setup are also options for refrigeration and extraction functionality.

Four dominant form factors are available for this type of setup.

  • Built-in, built into a cavity in the wall much like an eye level oven in the [indoors] kitchen, this is the classic built-in braai we have known and loved in South Africa
  • Drop-in (hobs), these units are dropped into a counter cavity and finish flush with the counter surface giving a very modern aesthetic.
  • Free Standing, more portable than a drop in and less portable than a mobile braai these okies rest freely on top of the counter surface giving a more bold appearance than the drop in opitons do.
  • Mobile, built on wheels these braais are an adaption of the classic patio-trolley-braai. By adding more substance to the frame and building an enclave for these units they give the best of both world being both portable while simultaneously looking built-in

Another real SA classic is the spit braai, what an awesome way to kill summer afternoons around the pool with good friends.

We also stock a range of patio braais for the more budget conscious or the patio brigade who don't have access to ground floor gardens.

Finally, for the handy-guy or the DIY enthusiast we stock a range of jets, burners, manifold and grates allowing you to built the braai to meet your exact expectations. We also have trained and experienced staff able to assist with any questions you may have. We've been doing this for a long time.

we delivery anywhere in gauteng we delivery anywhere in gauteng