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gas stoves for good lookin' cookin'

The GAS Company has been around since 1947

But this is not your grandad's gas company. We quite proudly flaunt some of the most innovative bottle gas solutions available on the market today.

We're also purveyors of We also sell the best of the best, high-end home bottle gas appliances, gas stoves and gadgets Gauteng has to offer.

We are privately owned and ❧passionately☙ independent

We cover the entire consumer centric bottle gas value chain


Gas shines for cooking and for space and water heating. So that is where we focus. While we sell all things gas we have a very special place in our ❤s for lovingly built gas stoves and gas hobs. Nothing on earth elevates gas's status to that of Deity among the the carbon based energy sources quite like an Italian designed piece of kitchen furniture

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Safety! That's what 8/10 of you tell us is your main priority when considering gas as an alternative energy source for you casa. We get that, so we perform our installations to the highest standard sanity will allow. We also believe strongly in our role with respect to consumer (you) education and training.

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Fat help it is having an über shiny - kickass - eat your heart out gordon ramsey gas cooker if you can't fuel the monster. Which makes choosing your gas partner arguably as important as choosing your gas stove. Luckily for all, we do both.
✮✮✮ oh ...and we do 'em well too ✮✮✮

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We are Gauteng's bottle gas specialist

Think of it this way, if you buy your gas appliances from any one of a number of blue chip retail mega corps, not only are you denying yourself the opprtunity to be treated like a human being during the information gathering and sales process. You are also contributing to the extinction of specilist independent stores that will allow your children and their children to be treated like human beings during the information gathering and sales process.

Do you want to be able to tell your grand-kiddies you were part of the problem or part of the solution when our dystopian future has been irreversibly realised?

Still not convinced?

We're Independent

You know that noise in your head you hear when leave one of the faceless chain stores? The noise that says: "wow - I wish I managed that shop, maybe then my staff would show some appreciation for who's actually footing the salary bill at the end of the month"

Then you know why being independent is important

We Hand Picked Our Range

We're picky, like super, ridiculously, childishly, mindlessly picky. ...oh and a little OCD too. Mostly our suppliers hate us, but that's OK, it's our customer's love we're after

We only sell top class products

We're specialists

As competition we have - on the one hand - this one place where you can buy a gas (or electric) stove and a microwave and a laptop and an ipod and... all from the same sales guy or gal, and on Darren's other hand we have well... pretty much the same really.

We know gas and it counts

We do gas

Gas is in our DNA.

That shop that sells the ipods and laptops and stuff doesn't do gas installations (but no worries - as it turns out the salesperson has a cousin...)

Gas stoves are a gateway drug, an introduction to a world without Eskom where you are in control of your own destiny, realistically you are probably gonna want more gas appliances in the future (heaters, geysers, baais etc). You are well advised to get the plumbing (your installation) done right from the get go.

We're da bomb

No really we are!

Our sales philosophy is to try eek a positive respose out of our customers rather than trying to push the sale. Customers who buy from us are potentially customers for life (we also sell the gas that fuels the appliance you just bought), that's quite some incentive to get it right first time.

... But Don't just take our word for it

Scott Gilbert
Thank you guys. Your service is exceptional and you are a pleasure to deal with. I won't buy gas anywhere else.
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Lana Pedro
Just to let you guys know – I LOOOOOOOve cooking on my stove! I haven’t had a braai in the pouring rain, since you guys set up my stove and I have recommended you to all and sundry!
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Ramalingum Moodley
I like your website, the humour in your presntation of your company and service and the efficieny with which you handle your offering
via - Email
Ashley Horwitz
Please may I commend tour staff on a fantastic service rendered by them today. In particular TK who assisted me although I was a difficult customer. Thank you for your efficient and prompt service.
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Baie dankie julle diens is puik en die tegniekus is so vriendelik en begadsaam. Ons praat graag weer in die toekoms. Weereens baie dankie Debbie
via - Email
Really great user friendly website. Wow, why can't they all be as easy to use as this one.
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