Online Deliveries and Gas Refills

If you live anywhere in Gauteng you can now order and pay for your gas on-line from the comfort of your couch. We will deliver next day (urgent deliveries can also be arranged). Visit our specialist gas order and deliveries service MzansiGas. You wanna give it a whirl, you're gonna be impressed. Fo' Sho'. And you can visit us for any of your gas refill needs.

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Absolutely anywhere in Gauteng, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Soweto, Vanderbijl, Muldersdrift, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randburg, Bedfordview, Kempton, Boksburg, Benoni, Springs etc.

Bottle Sizes

LP Gas bottles are available in a whole range of sizes internationally, In South Africa we have standardised on three sizes.

  • 9 KG - Knee height
  • 19 KG - Waist height
  • 48 KG - Shoulder height

It's worth noting that when we speak of a 9KG or a 19KG bottle we are referring to the liquid capacity of the bottle. When the gas is pumped into the cylinder it changes from a gas to a liquid as a result of the pressure it is under.

A 9KG bottle for example takes 9KG of liquid "gas". This liquid expands to 270 times it's volume when it converts from a liquid to a vapour.

When this same bottle is exposed to heat, the reverse process takes place and the liquid inside the bottle wants to convert from liquid to vapour, which increases the pressure inside the cylinder. Because of this, bottles are filled to a maximum of 80% of their actual physical total water volume. This extra 20% makes allowance for the daily changes in ambient temperature.

This is the reason why a bottle should never be exposed to direct heat and why a bottle should never be over-filled. Get your gas from The GAS Company and you'll have no worries

Gas Prices

The Gauteng LPGas consumer is protected by visionary piece of legislation capping the maximum price of retail LPG. We at The GAS Company fully endorse this legislation as we believe that it does indeed protect the consumer from wanton profiteering. It also forces the market players to compete on more than just price when trying to attract new customers and this too ultimately benefits the consumer.

The regulated retail price for gas is tabulated below.

Bottle SizePrice
9 KGR 230.00
19 KGR 485.00
48 KGR 1226.00

To order and pay for gas directly on-line and have it delivered the next day, anywhere in Gauteng please visit our sister site MzansiGas

Looking for gas for your restaurant or other commercial endeavour? Let us know if you a bulk user of gas and well will get a sales engineer to contact you regarding wholesale pricing.

What about new bottles

Bottled gas in Gauteng (and South Africa in general) works on an exchange based system, whereby bottles are refilled in a centralised plant and then filled bottles are exchanged with empties where and when required. This approach solves the physical problem of having to fill bottles in situ for every individual gas user. Instead, the consumer pays a holding deposit on his/her bottle and maintenance and upkeep of this bottle remains the responsibility of The GAS Company (this also provides a mechanism for The GAS Company to ensure the safety of the bottle by performing tests and maintenance on the bottle at it's sophisticated filling plant in Centurion.)

Because of this system, the gas-wise consumer does not purchase a new cylinder outright, but rather pays a holding deposit for the cylinder. These deposits are fully refundable on return of the bottle (accompanied by original invoice).

Go here to order your new bottle and get it delivered straight to your home. MzansiGas

Cylinder deposit pricing
Bottle SizePrice
9 KGR 399.00
19 KGR 630.00
48 KGR 1000.00

Where we get our gas?

When changes in South African legislation made access to the refineries available to more than just the oil spill elite, The GAS Company was one of the very first companies to declare independence from the multinational that was then supplying us with product and started sourcing from much smaller regional mini-enterprises in line with the government's vision behind the decision to make access to gas product more open.

Competing with the big dogs is never done on a level playing field and competition in the gas industry in South Africa is no different. Many school fees have been paid, many lesson have been learnt, many fingers have been burnt, but today we stand as one of the biggest completely independent gas distributors in Gauteng.

All our product is sourced from Indigas Logistics who are responsible for fetching from the refineries and decanting in more manageable cylinders. Indigas also supply us with all our exchange based cylinders and for that reason the only cylinders we issue are the dark blue bottles embossed with the Indigas logo and the light blue cylinders patterned with a Solgas logo.

We only exchange our own cylinders. If you do not have a dark or light blue gas bottle you will need to get on-board by getting rid of your existing bottle and buying one of our Indigas bottles. There is no risk to you - the consumer - as the payment for these bottles is deposit based and as a result you are entitled to a full - no questions asked - refund whenever you want to return the bottle (the empty reusable cylinder is worth more to me than your cash you paid for it). Just please keep your original receipt, the prices of the deposits change over time, if future you comes in three years time to get your deposit I have no way of knowing what you paid for it.

We at The GAS Company feel that it is our duty to improve and grow the consumer LPG market in Gauteng. We do not shy away from this responsibility but rather embrace it quite vigorously. Deeply embedded in the fibres of our makeup The GAS Company (and everyone involved in it's operations) knows that LPG has a very big role to play the South Africa of tomorrow. It is an unbeatable energy source for many domestic cooking, space heating and water heating scenarios.

There are, of course, some challenges retarding it's adoption including a really easy way to order and exchange bottles and some misinformation that's quite prevalent regarding installations and installation regulations. We have solved the first issue with our MzansiGas on-line gas order and delivery service. This service takes LPGas viability in Gauteng to a new level by dramatically simplifying the gas ordering and delivery process. Using our MzansiGas in conjunction with a change over installation system (one bottle connected one bottle for backup) bottle gas supply in Gauteng has reached service parity with electricity supply (minus the rolling blackouts, Joburg billing dog-show and double digit year on year price hikes). Like I said, we consider it our duty to facilitate the adoption of bottle gas in Gauteng. For more information on how we approached the installation challenges see our section on gas installation kits

Some cylinders do not work on an exchange system and need to be gas refilled. For these scenarios we have a state of the art refill plant at out Centurion premises.

If you are wanting any more information regarding our gas supply or our MzansiGas service feel free to get in contact with us

we delivery anywhere in gauteng we delivery anywhere in gauteng