Whether it's to fill balloons for a party or to shrink your vocal chords cos your going in drag to said party (hey, we don't judge), we at The GAS Company have got you covered.

We sell our helium under two different models, we have disposable bottles with balloons as a kit (50 balloons + enough oxygen to fill them), they're lightweight so easy to carry and you toss the bottle when you're done.

We also sell helium in conveniently sized reusable bottles, there is a five litre which is knee height and is enough to fill 100 balloons, and a 10 litre which [bizarrely] will fill 200 bottles and stands about waist height, both can be maneuvered easily enough.
These bottles require a holding deposit (which is refunded on their safe return) of R 1000.00. The bottles are issued with all the connections required to make balloon filling possible.

Bottle SizePrice
Disposable 50R 1026.00
5 LitreR 1200.00
10 LitreR 2800.00

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we delivery anywhere in gauteng we delivery anywhere in gauteng