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    Modular gas installations are the new black

    No Really. Waiting for someone to not arrive to give you quote is sooooo 1992.

    Modular by Design

    You pick the pieces you need and fit them together. Like a jigsaw puzzle but less geeky.

    Time is precioussss

    We've made ordering a gas installation almost as easy as ordering a pizza.

    Elixer of happiness

    It's one part clever design, 1/2 a cup thoughtful re-engineering. But mostly it's just pure magic.

    Types of gas Installations

    Whether you have an existing house in a leafy suburb or you are building your dream mansion on a dusty plot next to the Jukskei there's a solution just for you

    If you have an exsiting gas installation and the installer issued you with a certificate, but you're idiot better half started last saturdays braai with it.

    We come out and certify on our first visit if additional changes are needed we quote on the spot

    The regulations change every year or so, so sometimes we need to make changes to installations that were once certified before we can certify again

    You already have a gorgeous home, she brings the ☀ in. You ❤ her so much you named her Lucy and you spend your weekends making her pretty, but you'll like her even more with gas on tap

    Pick from two options...

    • Internal gas installation, single bottle, inside the kitchen. works well for a gas stove.
    • External installation, two bottles, stored outside and piped to the appliance(s). Works well for everything.

    You lucky devil. A new place to call your own, good luck with the builders though - you gonna need it!

    We quote off plan, send us your house plans , indicate where you want what appliances and we do the rest.

    We usually do these in two phases: Laying piping into the rafts comes first and then full reticulation next


    Why Modular?

    Does the world really need gas installations packaged like a jigsaw puzzle? In what universe does this add value to any[body/thing/one]? Sounds like you guys just found a fancy new way to charge more for a normal gas installation!

    Geez you lot are cranky! Why so cynical?

    South Africans are pretty dof when it comes to gas. Historically electricity was cheaper than air. Apart from a few foodies on the fringe using gas stoves and a handful of nutjobs living in isolation where A/C power wasn't available, few people gave gas a second thought - 'till 2006 when the great darkness came.

    Our electricity crisis challenge has forced us to learn a new way of doing things. Our modular installations are a way to reduce the learning curve for first time gas users.

    It really is like ordering a pizza. You phone, answer a few questions, we send you a quote and we'll install within 2 working days after payment is confirmed


    Explained using moving pictures

    I know, reading is hard. Why do you think the rest of the animal kingdom dropped it millenia ago?

    click the play button


    This is what you get

    Ready to take the leap? Here's what you get when you partner with us for your gas installation

    Fixed Pricing

    No wildly fluctuanting installation prices. You will be charged according to piping distance and number/types of applainces

    Two Day Turnaround

    Pregnancy and Time 'till we next beat the All Black are durations we have no say in. How long it takes to install you gas system we have mastered though

    Single Site Visits

    Appart from a few dodgy social basket cases, most peeps don't want to see too much of the guys doing their gas installation. We aim to finish all installations in a single vist


    Call in. Answer a couple of easy questions, shoot the breeze with salesperson and two sleeps later you'll be cooking with gas

    Peace of Mind

    We've got a team of qualified installers. We've got bakkies we don't live in. We've been around since '47. We've done over 3,000 installations.

    Hand Holding

    We know, Mzansipeeps are often clueless when it comes to gas installations. That's OK we're clueless when it comes to qunatum theory. But we'll teach you all we know about gas if you want


    Vital Statistics

    2 Days

    avg tun around time

    3,000 +

    Installations done


    When we was born

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    we sell gas and stuff - not email addresses - promise 😇

    Great prices

    Incredibly, this super simple miracle of a service is no more expensive than our tightest competition, despite us not living in our bakkies

    How's that even possible?

    C.O.C ONLY

    • Safety & Compliance check
    • Certificate
    • Replace signage and perishable components


    • Single gas bottle
    • 2 Meters gas piping
    • Consumes 1 kitchen cupboard

    New and Noteworthy

    We are very excitedly starting with the testing phase of our new managed installation services offering. From second quarter 2015 we will be offering managed gas installations. Managed as in we hook your gas installation up to our servers in the cloud and monitor your gas consumption. We will publish this information for your (exclusive) consumption. We will also be able to monitor when your gas bottles have changed over and we will send a new replacement without you having to teeter your wet, dripping naked bum-bum outside in the cold of winter to change bottles cursing under your breath. You're welcome.

    If you are interested (we can retrofit to existing installations) drop us a line and we'll keep you posted on progress

    Thank you guys. Your service is exceptional and you are a pleasure to deal with. I won't buy gas anywhere else.

    Scott Gilbertvia email

    Baie dankie julle diens is puik en die tegniekus is so vriendelik en begadsaam.

    Debbbievia email

    Thank you for your brilliant service and advice! And YES.....I am already another happy Gas Company client!

    Johan Hoogenboezemvia email

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