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Introducing our rent-to-own cooking range

  • Get a gas hob or freestanding cooker
  • Installation indoors or outside and
  • Gas delivered and exchanged for 3 years

From only R299pm

STATUS UPDATE -- 8/7/2020
Some cold weather expected this weekend.
  • We've got gas! (As usual - we have not run out once this winter! )
  • We are delivering (anywhere in Gauteng)
  • Our awesome worker bees want to keep you warm, help them help you.
  • We deliver till 9pm (let us know if this is a problem when you order so we can accommodate)
  • We've got new cylinders if you need
  • We've got heaters available (all shapes and sizes) we can deliver with your gas
  • Go here if you like magic and hate ordering and collecting
Covid-19 Update
Gas has been declared an essential product.
We're open for business...
(Call us if you have any queries, our shops are open and our deliveries are operational)
What do you need today?
We believe in an uninterrupted lifestyle, and we think you should too.
If you can see the value in freeing yourself from state controlled power then we should be your goto provider. Gas Installations, Home Appliances and Gas Bottle Exchanges, we have the products, service, experience, know-how, staffing, qualifications and heritage to get you wherever you want to be.
What is a regulator and why do you need one?
You know how steam is water vapour or water that has changed state from a liquid to a gas? Water changes to a gas if we raise it's temperature to beyond water's intrinsic boiling temperature which is around 100℃....
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Need Gas and Convenience?
There's an app for that.
How does it work?
  • Grab the app from theAppleorGooglestore
  • Register your-ass and your credit card
  • That's it, order your gas like a a boss. Well more like a millennial which is pretty much the opposite of a boss.
  • Be the envy of nerdy teenagers all over Mzansi.
  • Our surprisingly good looking freakishly supportive delivery elves will hook you up in the background.
  • Done right, done right now
A quick primer on gas installations
The Bottom Line
  • If your appliance is permanently situated, you need a C.O.C.
  • You can't buy or sell a house without a C.O.C.
  • If you have a fire and there is no C.O.C your insurance broker wins.
  • A single bottle can be installed indoors.
  • You can have up to 100Kg's installed outdoors.
Get a professional gas installation
Building an A1 reputation in the corporate industry.

Everyone already knows The Gas Company for all things gas in the home. Now we're taking that same outstanding service and attention to detail and applying it to the corporate sector.

We've decided it's time to eat the oil spill giant's lunch.

Are you a Guest House or a Boutique Hotel?

Boy have we got a solution for you.

Smart, managed gas solutions are what we're talking about here. While our competitors are bumbling around squabbling over what a deposit on a bottle should cost, we've been busy building our IOT telemetry solution that communicates with us 24/7, giving us a health update on your installation every 5 minutes.

With our managed telemetry solution we take your gas worries off your shoulders so you can focus on pampering that crap out of your guests. Never worry about running out of gas again.

All backed up by a 2 hour turn-around SLA, emergency contact number and our 7 day working week.

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Do you need a solution for your school or canteen?
We think education is critical.

Partly because the joy of seeing a mind opening up and consuming the environment critically and questioningly is possibly the very essense of what makes humanity spectacular, but mostly because uneducated people are likely to grow up and rob us one day.

With our managed telemetry solution you can focus on producing ivy league business moguls and other border line criminal titans of industry while we make sure your lunch-time chicken-mayo is warm.

Lord knows, there's not much respite for a teacher, we feel you at least deserve that.

We guarantee our promise with a 2 hour turn-around SLA emergency contact number and 7 day work week.

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Are you hospital or a medical clinic?

I attribute my success to this; I never gave nor took any excuse. Florence Nightingale.

When you think of hospital horror stories, the classic medical dramas bring to mind images of sirens and clinical lights and doctors in scrubs performing critical surgery on a gurney in the passage with a rusty McGuyver knife for a scalpel.

But we believe the real hero in the hospital is that doggedly resistant to ambient environment rubbery raspberry jelly and runny custard you get after waking from anesthetic.

It is after all the first thing you see before you realise they removed the wrong foot.

With our guaranteed delivery managed telemetry solution, you can focus on removing therightcorrect foot while we focus on ensuring you're able to "make" that jelly and runny custard.

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Check out some customer lovin'
″Baie dankie julle diens is puik en die tegniekus is so vriendelik en bedagsaam.″
via email
″Thank you for your brilliant service and advice! And YES.....I am already another happy Gas Company client!″
Johan Hoogenboezem
via email
″Thank you guys. Your service is exceptional and you are a pleasure to deal with. I won't buy gas anywhere else.″
Scott Gilbert
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The thought of running out of gas in the middle of a shower with a head full of shampoo-lather and a dripping saggy bottom causing you anxiety?

Gas-on-tap means never running out of gas and never having to collect your own gas and no massive monthly bills when that bad boy does eventually run dry

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