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Gas-on-tap is the latest convenience offering from us, the idea is to make your bottled gas supply as convenient as electricity used to be before the Eskom "troubles".

Basically, we come to your home (up to 4 times a month, this is agreed up front, but can be changed at any time) weigh your bottles, give you replacements for the bottles and charge you just for the gas you have used.

The service is available anywhere in Gauteng

  • We will visit up to 4 times a month
    • We give you full replacements for all your cylinders on site
    • We weigh your existing bottles on site
    • We remove the existing (used) bottles
    • We bill you only for the gas that's been used
  • Rinse and repeat

Beta Program

So maybe it's Eskom causing chaos, or may it's just testament to our collective South African laziness"pursual of convenience", but gas-on-tap as a concept is a big hit. Which is really good for us, and a nice problem to have, but still, being hugely subscribed has led to us dropping the ball previously and catches-win-matches, so we don't like dropping the ball.

As a result we have taken a decision to roll out the gas-on-tap implementation as a beta program from this point onward. While we are in Beta we will be scrapping the monthly service charge, the service will be completely without cost, but there is no guarantee you will be accepted to the program during the beta phase. Once we have wrinkled out all the crows-feet from the process and we have completely buttoned down the hatches, we will roll out universally to everyone who has ever subscribed.

If you are interested in the gas-on-tap service, please register below. We will hit you back within 2 days to let you know if you are going to be part of the Beta program and if not when you can expect to be included in the program. Your domicile location will be the main input into the decision.

To recap, while in beta

  • There will be no monthly service charge
  • There's no guarantee you will be included in the beta phase
  • You location will be the biggest factor


Thanks - we've received your application, we'll be in touch shortly
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