First its yours. Then you own it. Get your gas geyser or gas hob now. Pay monthly.

When we are talking about gas geysers in South Africa we are almost always talking about instantaneous-gas-water heating systems.

You do also get gas water storage heating solutions, but they suffer from the same efficiency shortcomings that the old donkey currently in your ceiling suffers from. So you’ll be hard pressed to find them.

Hot water is one thing, but being able to cook for your family in load shedding and power outages is super important. If the kitchen is the heart of every home, then the cooker is the soul of every kitchen.

Live Uninterrupted

With rent-to-own solutions from The Gas Company, everyone can (and should) say goodbye to the Eskom blues and start living without the burden of constantly having to worry about power. After all if you can hop in the shower and you can cook a meal for your family, it’s a home. Everything else is just entertainment.

It’s Dealtastic

Living uninterrupted has never been more desirable.

  • No credit
  • No deposit
  • No hidden fees
  • Cancel at any time
  • Includes delivery
  • Includes installation
  • Includes certificate of compliance
  • Includes free subscription to GasOnTapp
  • Includes maintenance (optional add-on)

Leave the Worrying to Us

Living uninterrupted means a life with no worries. No worries about maintenance, no worries about warranties, no worries about repairs, no worries about servicing. Sign yourself up for our maintenance contract and you’re covered all-in.

That’s our The Gas Company all-in, not your insurers all-in, we focus about as much energy on getting you sorted as your insurance company does on finding reasons not to pay out.

Easy Peasy

Getting yourself hooked up with an incredible gas setup that is the envy of your friends and family is as easy as a gupta coal deal.

  1. Choose your desires from our options below.
  2. Click on the “sign up” button, confirm your order and give us your deets.
  3. Wait for us to make you happy.

One of our ruggedly handsome sales-consultants will contact you and get the ball rolling. The same good-looker is gonna need some stuff from you…

  1. Three months of your bank statements.
  2. A copy of your RSA ID.
  3. Your latest payslip.
  4. Your proof of residence.

TGC 12L Instantaneous Water Heater

R699 / Month for 36 months


TGC 16L Instantaneous Water Heater

R899 / Month for 36 months


TGC 20L Instantaneous Water Heater

R999 / Month for 36 months


TGC 28L Instantaneous Water Heater

R1 499 / Month for 36 months

60cm gas on glass built-in hob Black ceramic glass

R399 / Month for 36 months

Includes appliance, installment and COC

60cm stainless steel built -in hob

R399 / Month for 36 months

Includes appliance, installment and COC

90cm gas on glass built-in hob Black ceramic glass

R549 / Month for 36 months

Includes appliance, installment and COC

90cm stainless steel built-in hob

R549 / Month for 36 months

Includes appliance, installment and COC

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Running Out of Gas?

The thought of running out of gas in the middle of a shower with a head full of shampoo-lather and a dripping saggy bottom causing you anxiety?

GasOnTapp means never running out of gas and never having to collect your own gas and no massive monthly bills when that bad boy does eventually run dry.

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